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Hi my name is Marcia Hoornenborg,  I am the founder of Honeybird & Co…yes that’s 11 letters of European Dutch heritage.

The name of our small business was a play on my last name and the Co part of it is my daughter Hailey, she helps with the website side of things and backend of our business. We have been talking for years of what we could do together… then one day Polymer Clay came to my attention!

Years ago, I owned & operated a fashion jewelry line and after all that I had seen, I wished I could create designs … well now I do and I love it!  I had no intentions of opening up a line of jewelry as this kind of “fell on my lap” with some great opportunities for exposure so I went for it!

Our goal is to make “unique” items when being creative sometimes you can’t recreate what you just made so we call it a “one of” never to be made again.

We do have our favourites that you will see in different colours or styles. We name each one after they are created to give them their own personality.

We like to make bold earrings to simple minimalist studs,  to capture every style.

This has been a whirlwind of creative fun, we love it and hope you do too!!! 


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